Cellulose Wall Spray by GreenFiber

GreenFiber cellulose wall sprays offer you a durable, safe, and cost effective solution to your insulation needs. Unlike conventional fiberglass batts which are installed in blankets by hand, cellulose is sprayed into wall cavities with an adhesive and a Multi-Matic blowing machine. Choosing an experienced, professional contractor like Garland Insulating is important when installing cellulose because the material is sprayed into place with a small moisture content. The product must be sprayed within a specified moisture content range and allowed to dry until the moisture content is less than or equal to 25% before covering up with sheetrock.  Cellulose is commonly used in custom homes for homeowners who want an energy efficient home for a great value.

Cellulose insulation:

  • Custom fits every cavity filling in gaps around wiring, plumbing and ducts
  • Delivers efficient thermal insulation
  • Doesn't sag, settle, or shrink
  • Is made from 85% recycled paper fiber
  • Provides higher STC ratings than fiberglass
  • Contains zero asbestos, fiberglass, or mineral wool

Therefore, cellulose provides:

  • A more comfortable living space
  • Permanent and proven fire resistance for the life of the structure
  • Reduced nuisance noise
  • Environmental responsibility through energy conservation


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