HeatBloc UltraTM Radiant Paint

Radiant spray is a water-based, low emissivity (low-e) coating applied to the underside of the roof to reduce the amount of radiant heat that enters your attic. Our product, HEATBLOC-Ultra, works just like shade trees, blocking 81% of the radiant energy from the sun and reducing attic heat gain. Less heat in the attic equals less heat entering the living space and your air conditioning ducts. Texas building codes require at least an R-30 value of insulation on the attic ceiling to reduce heat transfer into the home and keep warm air in the home during the winter. However, the A/C ducts are in unconditioned space carrying conditioned air to and from your home with only an R-6 of insulation. The hotter the attic space, the more your air conditioner must work because air is heated all the way from the handler to the register costing you money.

Radiant spray is very affordable and may significantly reduce in your home cooling costs yielding an attractive return on investment.

  • Permeable, does not trap moisture
  • Quickly installed using air atomization spray equipment
  • Does not block cellular or antennae signals as can occur with foil products
  • Excellent investment, normally saves 10 - 15% of AC costs
  • Improves efficiency of existing insulation

HeatBloc - UltraTM is:

  • An energy saving coating that has low emissivity, high reflectivity
  • An Interior Radiant Control Coating System (IRCCS) as defined by ASTM criteria
  • Reflects up to 81% of Radiant Energy
  • Improves the efficiency of existing insulation
  • Reduces energy costs, because less energy is required to keep the structure cooler or warmer

HeatBloc - UltraTM works by:

  • Changing the emissivity of the surface where it is applied
  • Reflecting away radiant energy from the sun to keep the building cooler in the summer
  • Reflecting interior radiant heat back into the structure, keeping it warmer in the winter

Fact Sheet:

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